Lapus gorge

Spreading over 36 km (22 miles) long, Lapus gorge is one of the most spectacular in Romania, having 25 km ( 15.5 miles) of its lenght declared Natural reserve. Consequnce to centuries of sculpting by the Lapus river, tourists can discover here waterfalls, caves, rapids, canyons, rocky areas or panoramic sites. 

The charm and the unicity of the gorge is amplified by the beautiful rural region that surrounds it. Preluca area holds many villages that still preserve the specific Lapus architecture, travelers spoting traditional ethnographic elements: carriages, troughts and barrels, dowry chests, wooden sleighs or tools. Due to the remoteness of the area and the difficult road access, the locals carry on much of the lifestyle in place for centuries.

More than being an absolute delight for fishermen, the variety of the relief and the shapes the gorge takes recommend it as an excellent place for performing a wide range of outdoor activities: rafting, canyoning, hiking, biking, orienteering, etc.