Pietrosul Rodnei Peak

Standing 2303 m (7555 ft) high, Pietrosul Rodnei peak is the tallest in the Eastern Carpathians and, due to its diverse and unique flora and fauna, it has been declared natural reserved ever since 1932 and from 1979 UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Pietrosul Rodnei peak is a fascinating photographic scenery, summer and winter, and those climbing at its top are rewarded with an amazing panorama overlooking Rodna mountains massifs and peaks, Viseu Valley, Borsa, Moisei and the southern part of Maramures Mountains chain. Apart from Pietrosul Rodnei, several other peaks go over 2000 m high (6561 ft): Buhaescu Mare - 2268 m (7441 ft), Buhaescu Mic - 2221 m (7287 ft), Umarul Pietrei Albe - 2203 m (7227 ft) and Rebra - 2119 m (6952 ft).

While in 1932 the protected area was only 183 hec (452 acres) today the natural reserve spreads over 3300 hec (8154 acres), ranging from an elevation of 750 m (2460 ft) all the way to the top 2303 m (7555 ft) and displays the most spectacular glaciar terrain in Rodna Mountains. 

The reserve holds several cirque glacier (Buhaescu, Zanoaga Iezerului, Zanoaga Mare, Zanoaga Mica) and few glacial lakes (Iezerul Pietrosului, Buhaescu I, II, III and IV) ranging from 3500 m2 (37673 ft2) to 700 m2 (7534 ft2) and depths between 0.30 m (1 ft) and 5.20 m (17 ft). 

Hikers and tourists will have the oportunity to see a large and varied number of protected plants, some endemic to the region or even unique in Romania. In June, the landscape becomes even more spectacular due to the blooming of the Rhododendron. 

Some lucky visitors will spot marmots, chamois or the lesser spotted eagle. Other fauna present in the area includes: the wolf, the brown bear, the lynx, the otter, the black grouse, the wild boar or the buck.

Among the many ascent trails that lead to the top of Pietrosul Rodnei Peak, the most common are those starting from Moisei, Borsa town or Borsa resort.