Rooster's Peak

Rooster's Peak is a rock formation with a weird shape, part of a former volcanic crater and is one of the most popular and picturesque weekend destination in Maramures. Situated at an elevation of 1428 m (4685 ft) among Gutai mountain chain and having a stretch of 200 m (218 yrd), Rooster's Peak represents an awe-inspiring sight and an impressive photographic scenery during both summer and winter.

The hikers or tourists that climb Rooster's Peak are rewarded with an unforgettable panorama. 

The area surrounding Rooster's Peak has been declared natural reserve and is managed by the EcoLogic Association in Baia Mare. Numerous marked trails lead tourists to the Peak, the most well known starting from Gutai Pass, Suior mine or Breb village.  

Rooster's Peak is an excellent rock climbing location being recommended for both begginer and experienced climbers.

Paraglinging is also a very popular activity on Rooster's Peak due to some of the best wind conditions in Maramures.