Tourist attractions in Giuleşti

Description of Giuleşti

-the ruins of the knezate church dating from XIV century

-Nicolae Iorga (one of the top Romanian historian, politician, literary critic and memoirist) has discovered here the oldest birth and wedding register in Romania 

-The Assumption of the Virgin church, 1856



Museums and memorial houses of Giuleşti

Casa muzeu Ilie Lazăr

Address: Nr. 292
Phone: +40 262 375 130

In was in this house that at 28 Novermber 1918 Ilie Lazar summoned the Maramures delegates to depart for the Great National Gattering in Alba Iulia where at 1 December 1918 they have signed the union of Maramures with Romania. Built in 1826, the memorial house holds documents, photographs, paintings, manuscripts and offeres for sale souvenirs made by artisans.


Natural reserves and protected areas of Giuleşti

Mlaştina Poiana Brazilor

Surface: 3 ha

Accommodation in Giuleşti

Pensiunea Casa Codrea

Address: Nr. 362
Phone: +40 762 284 578