Those wishing to visit Maramures can choose from the following ways to travel here :

Road (please note that most of the roads are in poor shape and there are no highways)

The major roads in Maramures are:

- E 58/DN 1C - from Cluj-Napoca

- E 58/DN 1C and DN 19 - from Satu Mare and Hungary

- DN 18 - from Suceava and Vatra Dornei

- DN 17C - from Bistrita

Tourists coming to Maramures from abroad should check the following websites: and For those travelling to Maramures from other areas of Romania or those wishing to use public transport please check or call +40-262-221777 (Baia Mare) and +40-262-311512 (Sighetu Marmatiei). If you want to travel to/from Cluj Napoca please check

For local transport in Baia Mare and surrounding areas please visit

Rail (please note that train speed is medium to low, for long distances better use road transport)

For a timetable of trains to/from Maramures please visit or Tourists should carefully plan their jouney as there is no direct rail connection between Baia Mare and Sighetu Marmatiei or Baia Mare and Borsa. 


The only airport in Maramures is located just 8 km (5 miles) away from Baia Mare and has direct flights to Bucharest. For a timetable and more information visit or

Cluj Napoca airport is situated 150 km (93 miles, 2,5 hours) away from Baia Mare and 200 km (124 miles, 3 hours) away from Borsa and offers many connections throughout Europe. From Cluj you can catch one of the eight daily runs to Baia Mare. For a timetable and more information visit, email: or call +40-262-221777 or +40-262-222696 (until 16.00 / 4 pm).

Tourists are also advised to use Budapest airport for intercontinental flights or if there are no flights from your hometown to Cluj. Budapest is 425 km (264 miles, 6-7 hours) away from Baia Mare and there are at least two daily runs to/from Baia Mare. For more information please call Janosi company at +40-261-758620, +40-749-268-676 or email them at There is also the option of direct connection Budapest to Sighetu Marmatiei, please see