Wooden churches of Săpânţa


Patron: St. Archangels
Century: XX

The edifice was built between 1997 and 2003 and evokes the old Peri monastery, distroyed in 1703 by autrian general Bukow. The whole structure is siting on a rock basis and, together with the 54 m (177 ft) high tower, it reaches a total hight of 78 m (256 ft). The roof is double layered and has a small turret above the entrance. Still, there are no paintings or furniture inside the church and all the services are hold in a special room in the basement. 

Tourists must know that the the old monastery was located in a different place, on the right side of Tisa river, a region that now belongs to Ukraine. The medieval Peri monastery was an important religious centre. Established sometime in the XIII century, the monastery was granted an Episcopal status in 1391, overseeing Maramures, Salaj, Arva, Ugocea, Beregul, Ciceu, Unguras and Almasul Bihorean regions. By the time the monastery was destroyed in 1703, during the anti-habsburg uprising, its contribution to the emancipation of the Romanian language included the translation of many biblical passages, printing various religious books and the introduction of Romanian service in the church.